iPhone Data Recovery

Getting liquid in your cell phone or tablet feels horrible, The idea of losing your treasured memories and valuable files stored on your device can have anyone panicking. We understand this and have been helping people get their data back for the last 7 years!

Many of the cell phone / tablet manufacturers in the last few years have been encrypting your important data such as pictures, videos, ect. This adds security, but this also adds extra steps and tools required to complete a data recovery job.  In some cases this can even prevent the ability to recover the data.


Our cell phone & tablet data recovery process:




1. First we will attempt to extract the data directly from the chip that stores all the data, if it is NOT encrypted. 



2. If however the device is encrypted, we are forced to find and repair all faults that prevent the device from booting. Here we are testing this capacitor to eleminate the fault in this circuit.


3. After we deem it safe to power the device on, we then proceed with extracting all your important documents. In this example we have placed a iPhone 4 board in a test unit to allow us to connect it to our machines and retrieve their data.

                         Please Note: We do NOT provide liquid damage repair to any mobile devices.
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