Liquid Damage Repair

Have you spilled liquid on your MacBook or other laptop? People often think this is not repairable and you need to replace the whole motherboard or buy a new laptop. We have a high success rate repairing boards, specializing in these repairs and honed our skillset over the last 7 years.


Here is our motherboard repair process:



1. Inspection and diagnostic: The motherboard is taken out and is inspected under a microscope and measurements are taken to determine what the fault is.

2. Required repairs are performed: After being diagnosed, the damaged and/or corroded components are replaced and any further repairs such as trace repairs are performed. So think of us repairing all the roads so all the buses can get to all the bus stops taking the people who need to goto work. The tracks are the roads for communication, the people are the electricity, and the businesses are the chips that perform functions and need to speak to one another via these tracks.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning: After all faults are addressed, the board is put through an ultrasonic cleaner that removes all the left over flux and any residual corrosion under the larger chips. As we mentioned on our Liquid Damage page, when any type of liquid contacts the electronics inside the device they start to rust. Just like a car if you don't address this rust, it will continue to spread and cause further damage. The ultrasonic machine removes the rust in places you would not be able to access such as under really complex chips.

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